Treatment is available by appointment only Mon—Fri 8.00am to 7.30pm.

Picture: Patient being treatedOur friendly reception staff headed by Shirley Hancy (left) and Tracey Webb (right) are available from 8.00am-5pm and will be happy to make appointments and provide any further information.

Telephone: 01223 211606
or email enquiries to:

Although we prefer your GP or Consultant to refer you to us, you may contact the clinic direct. In all cases we like to liaise with your doctor (with your consent) to ensure the best possible approach to your problem.

Health Insurance

Most health insurance schemes do cover physiotherapy treatment. However it is essential to check your individual insurance policy.

Our clinic is recognised by all major insurance companies.

If you do not have health insurance you are welcome to attend on a self paying basis. Self paying patients will be asked to settle payment at each attendance (cash, cheques and debit cards are welcome; however if you use a credit card you will be charged an extra handling fee of 3%).


  • Initial assessment and start of treatment (approx 45 mins) = £55
  • Follow up treatment sessions (approx 30 mins) = £44
  • Prices can vary for different insurance companies.

We also sell various aids such as orthopaedic pillows, back cushions and supports which can be purchased directly from us.