We use a wide range of manual techniques such as mobilisations, massage and exercise therapy aided by sophisticated electronic equipment. Some of our staff are also qualified to use acupuncture for pain relief in conjunction with other physiotherapy techniques.


Picture: Patient being treatedBefore you receive any treatment or advice, one of our chartered physiotherapists will discuss your condition with you and carefully examine the area and nature of your problem. From there, we can decide whether physiotherapy is appropriate and then formulate a treatment programme tailored to your needs. A full assessment with treatment plan takes approximately 45 minutes.


Follow up treatment sessions after the initial assessment take approximately 30 minutes.

Below are some conditions for which physiotherapy has proved to be beneficial:

  • Neck and back problems
  • Sport injuries
  • Joint problems
  • Post-operative rehabilitation e.g. after shoulder, hip and knee surgery
  • Occupational related problems including postural problems and RSI
  • Headaches

A telephone call can often establish whether your condition can be helped by physiotherapy.


Pilates is a form of exercise which can be suitable for those with previous neck and back problems and those that wish to improve general posture and “core stability.”

Our clinic offers "one to one" sessions with a chartered physiotherapy trained in Pilates. Please call to enquire about times and cost.

Please call to enquire about times and costs.